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(Accessibility, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) 

Coaching & Education

Begin the next step in either your personal, or your organizations journey in the fight for a more equitable and inclusion field. I offer one-on-one candid conversations and feedback, as well as broader strategic planning.


Career Development & Strategy

Struggling to meet your career goals? Or maybe you are facing the challenge of balancing time management and options that come your way. I can assist in coaching and strategic planning for you to reach the next stage on your journey by offering tools, mentorship, application tips, interview prep, and more!


Branding & Publicity

Starting up a new business, or maybe just looking to solidify your brand? I can help! I handle general consultation on strategic partnerships and industry advocacy, along with assistance for press, color palette, and design. I am here to make you standout.


Grant Writing

Grants can feel daunting and unapproachable–I've got you covered! With over $80,000 received from private and public foundations, and experience serving on grant selection committees, I have solutions. From organizations to individual awards, I am able to guide you through the process of grant selection and application, including editing submissions.


Digital Media

It's a challenge to create social media content that will engage and grow an audience–collaborate with me to generate material for social platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. I can assemble templates for copy, graphic designs, and basic video editing.



Worried about a typo, or maybe if that one sentence is too long? Fear not! I can brainstorm custom text for public speaking, press releases, social media copy, and more! This includes resume and bio review as well.

Contact me for a FREE consultation to see if my services are a fit for you!

Pricing is contingent upon the individual project.

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