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OPERA America

OPERA America Selects Participants of the Inaugural Mentorship Program for Opera Leaders of Color

OPERA America is pleased to announce the inaugural participants in the Mentorship Program for Opera Leaders of Color. This new initiative exists to advance racial equity in the field by pairing BIPOC professionals with executive-level leaders who can support them in achieving their career goals.

I Care If You Listen

The Case for Digital Opera in a Post-Pandemic World

In order for opera to not only survive, but continue to grow, those of us in the industry must intentionally start to create a more open and accessible environment. Interestingly, the trying circumstances of the pandemic ended up being a fruitful time for considering the tools we have to address these issues. With the sudden cancelations of opera companies’ seasons, many industry professionals found themselves with a sudden influx of free time that gave them a chance to sit down and think about our priorities as individuals and as artists, without the constant stress and strains on our time.


Opus 115 - "Colleagues of Black Descent"

As more musicians navigate an increasingly unstable arts ecosystem, working in both the performance and administrative spheres has become more popular. Garrett chats with Jaime Sharp, a mezzo-soprano whose artistry, administration, and activism is rooted in accessibility and change. The guys explore DEI in "period instrument" spaces, challenge the notion of #BlackExcellence, and offer words for the good (and not so good) people of Texas.

Bold Moves Only Podcast

The Future of Opera is Black

Interviewees: Jaime Sharp and Maitri White, alumni of the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance Vocal Performance Program, and Directors of Opera NexGen, explore changing the realm of opera through their incredible mission: to provide unparalleled operatic performances with a diverse artistic community.

Modern Singer Magazine

Opera in a Virtual Age

Throughout 2020, we have all seen opera go virtual! Join us in a conversation with Opera NexGen Chief Executive Officer, Jaime Sharp.

2022 University of Cincinnati-CCM Graduation Ceremony

Commencement Speech

Jaime made the commencement speech and performed at the 2022 CCM Graduation Ceremony.

A Promising Future:

How we combat White supremacy through Arts Administration

Jaime's final presentation during her tenure at the 2021-2022 EDI Research Fellow with the Association of Arts Administration Educators.

OPERA America Magazine Summer 2022

"Getting Through the Door"

Jaime speaks on her experience with OPERA America's Opera Leaders of Color.

Education and Career News

Promoting Inclusivity in Arts Administration

A review of ADEI practices at major performing arts organizations reveals that the onus of inclusion is placed on BIPOC staff members. Jaime Sharp proposes a solution.

The Dallas Opera

Hart Institute for Women Administrators

These women will be selected on the basis of their leadership experience and potential to become the leader of one of America’s top opera companies later in their careers and will attend all virtual sessions alongside participants. This curriculum includes the role of the Board, leadership development, personal branding, media and PR training, effective artist management, and navigating recruiting processes for senior-level positions.


BIPOC Leadership Circle Cohort

This eight-part series brings together BIPOC leaders of cultural institutions from across the country to provide support, strategies, and systems of accountability in creating dynamic, new leadership models that center BIPOC experiences.

OPERA America

Awards for Digital Excellence in Opera

OPERA America has announced the winners of the inaugural Awards for Digital Excellence in Opera. The Awards for Digital Excellence in Opera recognize the best work created for digital platforms by individual producers and organizations in the U.S. and Canada. Jaime served as an adjudicator for the competition.

Turn the Spotlight

2023 Fellow

Turn The Spotlight is a by-nomination fellowship created to identify, nurture, and empower leaders – and in turn, to illuminate the path to a more equitable future in the arts. Over an 18-month period, Jaime will be mentored by Afa Dworkin (President & Artistic Director, Sphinx Organization), and Melissa Wegner (Executive Director of the Lindemann Young Artist Development Program and the Laffont Competition, Metropolitan Opera) to construct a project that aligns with her mission.

United Philanthropy Forum

Racial Equity Learning & Action Cohort

The Cohort is offered as a component of the Forum’s overall racial equity offerings and strategy (including webinars, biannual equity assessment, case stories, etc.). Building on our work together from the previous cohort, we have retained the inspiration and lessons from the first series, refined the design, and added components based on our learnings.


Meet Jaime Sharp

Jaime spoke with CanvasRebel about her career journey thus far, and the incredible work Hear Us, Hear Them has accomplished over the past three years.

Cincinnati Business Courier

May Festival project aims to bridge the choral music gender gap

Jaime spoke with the Cincinnati Business Courier about Hear Us, Hear Them's collaboration with The May Festival.

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